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The Zodiac is a path to which planets travel or orbit. The planets travel in a circular path that is divided into 12 parts.  These 12 parts are known as the 12 signs of the Zodiac.  

            But,  what is the importance of the Zodiac signs?  Most importantly,  the 12 signs of the Zodiac can help us understand and even predict certain aspects of human behavior and certain events.  

            Each individual is born during a period when the Sun is traveling through a particular sign. Meaning,  you are born in that particular sign. Which is referred to as your Sun sign. 

           Overall,  the Zodiac is an elaborate system established around ancient knowledge that reveals how the cosmic universe works.  In fact,  ancient biblical accounts make reference to the use of astrology in the Gospel of Matthew ( Matthew 2:1-12 ).  

           Three wise men bearing gifts came to visit Jesus Christ during his birth.  These men payed particular attention to the star systems and achieved world recognition for their use of astrology. 

           In fact,  some biblical researchers refer to these men as outright astrologers.  After all, astrology was highly regarded as a science during that period of time.  Many ancient cultures recognized the science of the Zodiac.

         Non-Jewish rulers of various ancient nations were experts in the area of astrology. Some historians believe that astrology slowly became part of the Jewish community by means of the ancient Hellenistic cultures. 

        More importantly,  some scholars have recognized the twelve signs of the Zodiac to represent the twelve tribes of Israel.  

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