Saturday, August 10, 2013

4 Things you should do when dating a libra!

      You have just arranged a hot date with a Libra!  But now,  "what can you do to impress this Libra person on the first date?"

         Libra is the zodiac sign that is influenced by the planet Venus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, harmony, balance and self-gratification. Consequently,  Libras tend to demonstrate these same qualities while always trying to balance the scales or situations in their lives.  Generally,  they are good natured, kind and gentle people. Yet,  there are times when they can be very naive. 

        For example,  Libras have a tendency of falling in love with the idea of love. They will even ignore their partner's bad habits in return for love and may even become emotionally dependent on their partner. Libras like to be shown attention and even admired. However, they will eventually reject a partner that makes too many demands on them.

       Overall,  the Libra person is a very refined, loving, romantic and sincere companion. Libras,  more than any other sign will immensely enjoy socializing and building relationships with other people. In fact,  it is easy and natural for them to communicate using charm, flattery, thoughtfulness, and intelligence. 

       Typically,  the Libra person will work hard to form a partnership into a harmonious balance. They are kind, generous and make very considerate partners.  Consequently,  "there are 4 things you should do to impress a Libra on a first date!"

1.   Create romantic setting:  

      Dress to impress!  Libras will like a date with good presentation. So,  dress tastefully with some style and class. Set up a romantic environment by making reservations to a nice restaurant with good food, dim lights, and soft music.  

2.    Be complimentary:

       Libras like to be admired!  So compliments are expected as long as it does not become excessive or disingenuous. Libras are sophisticated and endowed in the art of social graces. Above all else,  they desire a surrounding of good manners and pleasantries.

3.    Engage in stimulating conversation:  

      You may need to know something about current events. Libras tend to know what is happening in the world.  In fact,  they enjoy talking about some of the hot topics in the world today.

4.    Bring a gift:  

       Bring a small gift on a first date for a Libra and you will surely impress him or her. Bring flowers or jewelry for a female and a small bottle of cologne for a male. whatever you do make them the center of attention to ensure a successful date.  





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